10 Lessons learned by Michele and Lindsay during our 11 hour flight… to Korea.

1) The Vancouver and Seoul airports are pretty amazing. We could have stayed and shopped there for an entire weekend! What other airport has an aquarium inside it!?!

2) Even when you think you have packed enough snacks, you really haven’t…. you will want something you don’t have and be stuck eating airplane pretzels.

3) A whole Imuvane works much better than half of one…. Time flies by! – Just ask Michele.

4) The first half of the flight goes by much faster than the last half.

5&6) One or two drinks to calm your nerves is just fine!  But when you’ve had so many that you need to be zipped-tied, banished to the back of the plane and require the assistance of 6 flight attendants and one very large man… you are a total douche-bag, (from Edmonton, no less)!  There were 12+ people waiting for Mr. Ziptie at the airplane door, to take him to the airport drunk tank!

7) Do not watch movies about slavery on the airplane… too sad. – Just ask Michele.

8) A dog randomly barking throughout our flight is sort of odd, and hard to get used to.

9) Listening to all announcements in 3 different languages is a bit much and very much interrupts our movie flow.

10) We think our very unintentional coordinating blankets and neck pillows is a little scary, and maybe we shouldn’t be spending the next 10 days together.

We have not left for our flight to Vietnam yet… so more lessons could perhaps, be coming!  =)


One thought on “10 Lessons learned by Michele and Lindsay during our 11 hour flight… to Korea.

  1. Your description of your flight is awesome! Sounds like you definitely tried to make the best out of what could have been a long, boring flight. Can’t wait to hear about more adventures.

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