Day 4 – Last day in Ho Chi Minh

Today was our last day in Ho Chi Minh city…. it feels very worldly to wake up in one city and go to sleep in another!

This morning we visited a local public high school for gifted students.  They were very confident, articulate and well spoken. They all seemed very excited to have us visiting their school and they happily answered our many questions about being a student in Vietnam. One grade 10 student told us he wants to study dinosaurs in University and visit Alberta. He was very excited and surprised to learn that was the part of Canada that we were from.

Next we met with officials from the Canadian Embassy in Vietnam who told us about life and education here. He was incredibly knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. Prior to coming to Vietnam, seven months ago, he had spent 4 years in Thailand and 4 years in Korea… needless to say he understood Asia, the culture, politics and traditions very well. We then had lunch with a bunch of principals and educators from various institutions in Vietnam.

We had some free time this afternoon so we did some shopping and bartering at a local market, prior to catching our 2 hour flight to Hanoi. Coming off the airplane it instantly felt cooler and less humid. Not cold by any means, but just not the crazy hot we had in Ho Chi Minh… it just felt like a lovely summer day in Canada. However, it’s the end of “winter” here so the locals are all in jackets… puffy winter jackets, fur lined jackets, a jacket with a hoodie underneath. Definitely a contrast from where we came from. Our local tour guide has told us there are many contrasts between the north and south and it seems this was just our first example.

Time for bed and there weren’t really any pictures taken today. Will have some tomorrow though! xo



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